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Pure Wool Blankets



ShearWarmth is owned and operated by farmers Lyn and Monique Neeson, who proudly produce quality, woollen blankets made from wool specially selected from shorn sheep fleeces off their farm at Tokirima, King Country, New Zealand.  ShearWarmth New Zealand Wool blankets  are hypoallergenic so perfect for babies, naturally flame retardant, 100% natural and extremely durable.  They will last a lifetime with minimal care. Lightweight and warm, Shear warmth blankets are perfect for cuddling up on the couch or bed  either by yourself, with someone special or with the whole family. Our medium-sized blankets are ideal for cots and the small size make great knee blankets or for new born babies. Shear Warmth are the only company making traditional woollen blankets completely in New Zealand, from wool traced back to the farm. Lyn and Monique say, ‘It has been really exciting watching wool grown from sheep on our farm being used to create these beautiful blankets and to see the pleasure they give to others.' Stocks are limited.  We recommend you purchase online while stocks last.

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Farm Calendar

Our farm, Awarima, where the wool for our blankets is grown, is located in Tokirima at the junction of the Ohura and Whanganui Rivers, in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand. Our Facebook page (at right) will keep you up to date with whatever is going on at the farm and with ShearWarmth Blankets. Below you will find a calendar of events on the farm throughout the year.

Lamb Shearing
Ewe Shearing
Ultrasound scanning for lambs.
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June Scanning

To find out how many ewes are in lamb, how many are going to have twins,
triplets or ‘are dry’ which means they are not in lamb.

Muster all ewes (often a tricky job in the muddy middle of winter and usually
takes several days). Sheep are all in the under cover yards overnight.

The Scanner arrives before light on a cold morning and sets up in the yards, several stock men to push lambs ‘up’ to the scanner, a sheep handler to hold the ewes as they are scanned, a marker
(someone who marks the ewes on the back with a scourable dye to indicate if they are dry, single, twin or triplet).

An ultra sound scanner
This is a very technical job and the scanner is fully qualified. We have to do it on a certain date because it is calculated on the number of days since the ram has been put out and the scanner is very busy (he works 7 days a week during the scanning

Vaccinating and Set Stocking
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July Scanning

Ewes need to be vaccinated so their lambs are protected from various blood borne diseases and then set stocked in the paddocks that they will lamb in.

This needs to be done only 1 month prior to lambing so that the vaccine is still current and feeds through the milk to the lamb and there is plenty of grass in the paddocks for the milking ewes.

Lamb Shearing
Lamb Shearing
Docking - Each paddock is mustered in to a handy set of yards so the new lambs don’t have to go very far and there is less risk of lambs mismothering.
Ram Purchase Hogget Shearing
One of the most important days in the calendar.
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One of the most important days in the calendar.

Rams are purchase for this farm from Paparata, a large stud farm at the entrance to the Tangarakau Gorge on the Forgotten Highway. Our flock is a ‘closed’ flock which means that all rams are bought from the one stud and all replacement ewes are chosen from our best ewes.

Last years lambs that have been wintered in the back paddocks. They are usually pretty daggy, so need to be dagged first. Their wool is long and clean and valuable.

Weaning and or Shearing
Options depend on season, size of lambs, amount of grass, price predicted.