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19 April 2017
LAND TO SEA- is the name of our latest blanket! the colour itself was left to the public to choose from 4 colours, the public voted and the winner was this green/blue, Shearwarmth's most vibrant colour to date! i chose to call it "Land to Sea" as it is a very greeny, blue, my first glance i see green- green like the land, my second glance is blue - like the sea so I think our new blanket is what you might find somewhere in the middle of an adventure  from the land to the sea! we hope you enjoy it.
I'm always surprised by the flow on affect of things we do. You don't know who you touch or what is around the next corner, and so having faith in what you are doing is the right thing means that positive things will happen.
After winning the RWNZ Emerging Business Awards we have been able to Trade Mark ShearWarmth, we have had numerous conversations and support from Warwick Bean, Marketing manager from Swazi (who sponsored the award) and more recently we have worked with RWNZ to host a luncheon for Dame Patsy Reddy, the Governor General and Sir David Gascoigne and 40 local rural women at Lauren's Lavender Farm and Cafe on the Forgotten Highway. As soon as I got the brief for what the Governor Generals' office wanted, I knew this would be a great opportunity for our local farming ladies to get dressed up and take an afternoon off for lunch. An added bonus was meeting Dame Patsy. The real opportunity would be to showcase the varied and interesting things ordinary farming women do. We are a typical rural district. Most women have one or more voluntary roles within the community, and will become a leader in that role. Plus they will get involved in adding value to farm income or creating whole new businesses. And more importantly, most of the other local ladies won't realise the extent of the activities. 6 women were chosen to speak to highlight the diversity. Anna Steele, Accountant for Right Way, tourist operator, Federated Farmers Meat and Fibre Chair. Linda Mackinder, chair of Ruapehu/Whanganui Rural Support Trust, First responder for St Johns and JP. Leoane Walker, Rabobank manager and Alpaca Farmer. Tara Marshall, shearer, owner of shearing contractor and North Island representative for Wool Handling. Jenny Etherington, director of Solvej Swings, a local company making children's swings that get sold in boutique shops from New York to Paris. Unfortunately Monique Neeson was the only person who couldn't make the luncheon (she was flooded!) and couldn't show case ShearWarmth but Wendy Coup, farmer from PioPio who educates industry bosses on working with rural people led the 6th table. Every woman at the luncheon had been pivotal in some local or national organisation. The depth of knowledge is phenomenal. 
15 November 2016

Monique and I with the other proud recipients of the RWNZ awards on Saturday night. Sincere thanks to
RWNZ, AWDT, SWAZI, HP, Agriseed and ANZ

News and specials

15 November 2016

First day of weaning and shearing lambs. They aren't as big as normal this year, we think its the constant rain, so it will be good for them to get their fleeces off and be more mobile. Wish I was more mobile. I'd forgotten how hard hard work is! I can't jump the race as easily, seem to have sore knees trying to hold little lambs to drench. But the noise of dogs and sheep and shearers and music, the smell of dust and wool and sheep shit and the sore muscles at the end of it are all familiar.

2 November 2016

It's heeeere!!!! The new blanket and natural! We are in love with it

News and specials