Thank you for choosing ShearWarmth, a small family business based in the King Country, NZ. We're passionate about our land, our animals and 'shearing' a piece of our farm with you. Well done for choosing wool, it's going to last a lifetime, and biodegrade back into the earth.

Our process

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    Our Lambs are born mid-September right here on Awarima Station and yes they are all very very cute.

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    Our lambs are brought in off the hills for their first shear, this is the clip we use for our ShearWarmth blankets, first shear happens mid to late January.

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    The wool is sent away to be scoured- washed, cleaned, all the little bits and pieces the lambs pick up on they way around the hills is washed out.

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    The fresh clean wool is now spun into yarn, then coloured or kept natural and woven into woollen fabric, after this the fabric is cut into blankets, finished and ready for your home.

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ShearWarmth blankets are made with a traditional twill weave, all of our blankets come with a birth certificate and can be traced back to Awarima Station.

An heirloom gift or a personal indulgence that will last a life time with minimal care, these blankets are to be treasured.

Our goal is to keep all our blankets made completely in New Zealand.

The natural fibers keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It is renewable and will completely decompose at the end of its life.

From sheep to shop, the greatest care is taken with sustainable resources and methods.

We know you will enjoy your beautiful ShearWarmth blanket for years to come.