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Large bed blanket

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This is our largest blanket in our range 225cmX150cm, unfortunately in New Zealand the widest loom is 150cm wide, so the solution was to make it longer a whooping 225cm longer. This size will fit over a queen and a king sized bed but wont tuck in on the sides, but luckily we have a heavy weight to our blankets so they don’t move or fall off your bed. Keeping warm is always good but keeping warm in style is even better!

All ShearWarmth blankets are made from 100% lamb’s wool that is grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, right here at home on the hills of Awarima Station. Each blanket is finished with an organic cotton label and wash care label. Our blankets are beautifully weighted, and nice and thick as they should be. ShearWarmth blankets are luxury woollen blankets they will last you a life time, keep warm and snuggle up the way nature intended.

Size: 225CM X 150CM